Episode 34 – Ashley Weston

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Ashley Nute Weston grew up in South Carolina watching her mother create awe-inspiring artwork. Influenced by the beauty of her work and the very world around her, Ashley found the Lord very early in her life. She’s always been a passionate lover of the Word of God and seeks to encourage women everywhere to embrace their identity in Christ. These two traits combined in her life and inspired her to create Hidden Truth Jewelry, a handmade jewelry line that hides encouraging scripture in every unique piece HiddenTruthJewelry.com. 

Ashley loves being in nature and finding adventure. She’s always active and on the go—there’s too much to see to sit still!—and loves spending time with her family. While she’s focused on making sure every woman feels grounded in her identity as God’s beloved daughter and fired up, she is also that kind of active mother to her two children. As a women’s ministry leader, it’s her dream to help others find their way to faith and for them feel as loved and joyous as possible.

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