Episode 29 – Dr. Shauna Knox

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Dr. Shauna Knox is a federal education policy advisor and Subject Matter Expert on Human Trafficking and the exploitation of Child Labor for the U.S. Department of Education. She and her husband currently call Silver Spring, Maryland home, but Dr. Knox grew up in Jamaica for the first eighteen years of her life. Dr. Knox is host of The Further Podcast, in which she co-journeys with her listeners to discover Jesus Christ, and His design for becoming the most authentic version of themselves. Dr. Knox’s research focus is the rehumanization of Black bodies and she recently finished a (soon to be published) revealing and ground-breaking non-fiction book entitled “The Black Daughters of God: Forsaking the Betrayal in our Bones on the Journey Home”.  During whatever free time she has, Dr. Knox loves to cook, host, entertain, laugh, and enjoy music.

FURTHER PODCAST : By Dr. Shauna Knox