Episode 23 – Jennifer Willingham

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Jennifer Willingham, CEO & Co-founder of EPIC

Jennifer has lent her publicity and marketing skills to many New York Times bestselling authors, A-list celebrities, well-known pastors, box office hits, musical artists, senators, a former governor, a former president and other personalities of note. She steers the team’s overall campaign strategy and has, through the years, worked with almost every network, cable show and national publication, with relationships spanning key TV, print, online, radio and podcast outlets. Jennifer was formerly an Associate Publisher for Simon & Schuster, VP of Marketing/Publicity for Thomas Nelson, and cofounder of ICON Media Group. Along the way she served at DeMoss, the largest faith-based PR agency in the world and as a VP of Marketing for Guideposts. Jennifer’s expertise in strategic planning, campaign development, positioning and activations enables her to lead a wide variety of efforts for EPIC’s client roster.